"Joseph is a magician!  In about one week, he completely helped me furnish a new apartment for my son.  In just 3 short meetings, he provided a layout for the space, and we choose all the furnishings in ONE day.  Joseph suggested paint colors, and then came back to arrange everything when it was delivered.  He has a keen sense of design-and provided a strong dose of empathy.  And he listened carefully to all of requests to stay within a tight budget.  We went from a completely bare space to a finished home--and my son loves it all!"

- E.C.C.  New Jersey

"We just wanted to thank you for a very successful collaboration. We really appreciated the fact that you listened to our thoughts and were able to expound upon them. You managed to take our rough ideas, add your own sense of color and proportion, and come up with a terrific solution. Your encyclopedic knowledge of vendors and resources made the realization phase of the design quick and effortless. Many thanks for your help and for making it so much fun - we couldn't have done it without you!"

-T.S. & M.D. Manhattan

"My husband and I had a great experience working with Joseph. The look had been traditional with antiques. We called upon Joe's expertise to help merge our styles. He listened to our requests. He added fresh accents using bolder, brighter fabrics, accessories, and modern artwork to the existing traditional backdrop. It looked gorgeous! We had so much fun using our own creative tastes and pieces, but we couldn't have done it without Joseph's guidance and professional resources in the city. Now our apartment is a subtle, eclectic mix of the both of us. I would highly recommend Joseph for the big and small decorating needs in your life!"

- L.C. & J.R. Manhattan

"Working with Joseph was especially easy. He came prepared with colorful fabric samples and always had a suggestion or two that took me by surprise, but worked out beautifully. I admire his taste, and his sensibility for color was the best!"

- L.R. New Jersey

"We truly enjoyed working with Joseph. He calmly navigated the perils of ordering and delivering furniture in New York City. He made the selection of exciting new fabrics and finishes an adventure for us and he contributed his own suggestions and ideas in the nicest possible way. We absolutely love the way our apartment worked out and would recommend Joseph to anyone undertaking a major renovation or interior decoration."

- Lee & Anne C. Manhattan

"Joe helped us clarify our ideas for redesigning our den. He's a wiz at space planning and encouraged us to use rich, deep colors. We love the results!"

- B.Z. Manhattan

"When we redecorated our living room we asked Joseph to work in some of our existing artwork and furniture as well as a collection of American art pottery. He did all that and more."

- J.Z. Manhattan

"Joseph made our vision a reality! He found the right fabrics, colors, and furniture to fulfill our decorating dreams. He has great ideas and a wonderful sense of color. We are more than pleased with the result, and really enjoyed working with him. He wasn't a difficult decorator (thank goodness) and was willing to listen to us and make sure we got what we wanted. Joe likes to make things beautiful, and he certainly did so for us."

- G.B. & J.R. Brooklyn

"I have to say, working with Joseph was delightful!. Having decorated a previous apartment in the city with someone else, I learned that some designers are difficult and awfully pretentious. But I admired Joseph's easy going manner, and careful attention to detail. I was impressed when he took notes at our very first meeting-I could tell he was listening. He always came up with great ideas and was instantly ready to sketch out an interesting solution for whatever we threw at him. He took care of all the ordering, and made everything a breeze. We're happy and comfortable and love our new home!"

- M. T. Westchester, N.Y.

"Joe has excellent taste. His terrific ideas and an amazing sense of color completely transformed my home. He is easy to work with and I would highly recommend him to anyone!"

- T.B. Manhattan

"I wasn't sure what to expect from an interior designer--but Joseph helped us make a real statement in our small apartment, by creating customized seating units, designing bookshelves, and arranging things so that we took advantage of every inch of available space. He even designed the lighting. Add to that his careful attention to details, and his magnificent sense of color. He also has a flair for the dramatic, which I love! Joseph turned our drab little apartment into a home that I enjoy every day!"

- H.K. Hoboken, N.J.

"Joseph was able to take my rather undefined thoughts of what my space should look like and interpret and execute a look that I absolutely love. He quickly developed a sense for what I wanted to accomplish and took it so much further. He is also extremely good natured, easy going and a pleasure to work with!"

- Sandy S. Manhattan


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